What is a drugget?

Druggets are flat-woven handmade rugs; essentially a woolen version of an India dhurry (dhurries are made of cotton).  In times past, druggets were considered a relatively inexpensive way to cover floors seasonally, or placed over fine carpets to prevent heavy wear.

We think the simplicity and integrity of druggets deserve better than that.  Arts and Crafts Movement influencer Gustav Stickley must have agreed, as he imported and promoted these durable wool flatweaves in his Craftsman showrooms and publication.

The Craftsman Vol. XXI, Number 1 article, “Craftsman Furnishing for the Ordinary Room” (PDF) from 1911 shows a variety of “India drugget rugs” and decorating tips for Craftsman-style dwellings.

Our druggets are hand-woven in northern India by adult artisans.

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